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New HR Manager recruited in Mexico

New HR Manager recruited in Mexico

New HR Manager recruited in Mexico
MX Mexico
Alfred Kärcher GmbH&Co KG

As part of its international growth strategy, the market leader in cleaning equipment Alfred Kaercher group is continuously investing in products, people and processes not only at Headquarters in Germany, but also throughout its more than 60 subsidiaries around the world. As part of that initiative, the Kaercher subsidiary in Mexico has recently hired a new HR Manager with the help of interpool, and both the successful candidate and the hiring COO of Kaercher Mexico expressed their satisfaction with the quality of interpool services:

 “After having successfully completed the Kaercher recruitment process I would like to thank you all for the great support, kindness and professionalism with which you conduct your job. Nowadays it is difficult to find an international recruiting consultant like yours, equally compromised to both clients and candidates. It was a true pleasure getting to know you, and I would say so even if I had not been the hired in the end” said Jorge Carrillo, new HR Manager of Kaercher Mexiko.

“I want to render thanks to you and all your team work for your professionalism and support on this task,” says David Novoa, COO of Kaercher Mexico. “I am very happy and satisfied with your results and I have to recognize that finding the right people even if the person is living in another continent is an amazing success, possible only because of companies like yours.”