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About Us

About Us

Our expertise is recruitment and assessment in the context of globalization, diversity, and innovation.

How do these go together? In times of global business we can no longer restrict ourselves to our home markets in order to attract the best possible talent. In times of changing demographics we need to expand our horizons beyond our established patterns of technical or cultural fit. And if we are geared towards innovation, we should, more than ever, embrace diversity, observing and learning from those who are different from us.

Hence, by following sound and scientifically founded aptitude testing with a focus on diversity, we enrich and improve our recruitment processes both nationally and internationally. And we develop our own skills as well. The ability to judge a behavior that we are not familiar with means training our self-awareness, curiosity, and capacity to relate with others. By doing so, we are building the basis for successful cooperation in any given setting.

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Founded in 2003 as an international executive search consultancy, interpool has developed over the years into Germany’s leading provider of assessment and recruitment services with a focus on globalisation, intercultural differences, diversity, and innovation.

  • As management-consultants, we design and carry out both national and intercultural assessment centers, development centers, individual skills reviews and group-based management audits. Whenever it is crucial to identify skills and potential regardless of personal or cultural imprint.

  • With our interview training program, we help our clients to develop their own skillset when it comes to integrating diversity, innovation, and cultural differences into their assessment processes.

  • As international executive search consultants, we work with both German and international companies in order to find first and second level managers for their international subsidiaries.

Our project experience encompasses more than 40 countries and regions, including China, Russia, the United States, France, Germany, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.