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Agile Assessment Solutions for Siemens Digital Industries

Agile Assessment Solutions for Siemens Digital Industries

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Siemens Digital Industries

Siemens Digital Industries is an innovation leader in the automation and digitalization of manufacturing processes. With around 75,000 employees worldwide, the company is constantly developing its extensive software portfolio in order to offer customers in almost all industries tailor-made solutions for increasing the effectiveness and flexibility of their production processes.

As part of their expansion strategy in Germany, three new group management positions in Service Management were filled, for which both internal and external candidates had applied. The aim here was to ensure a high degree of validity in the selection decision on the one hand, and on the other to provide internal candidates with valid and motivating feedback on their results, even if they were not accepted. In this context, interpool developed a one-day, agile-orientated assessment centre specifically geared to the requirements of the target position and furthermore developed suitable user stories with matching exercises and assessment schemes. Subsequently, three successful candidates were identified and hired in two full-day group procedures with 10 candidates.

"interpool developed and carried out an AC procedure for us that exactly matched our needs. We were particularly impressed on the one hand by the successful balance between scientific foundation and practical relevance, and on the other hand by the motivating atmosphere on the selection day, which the candidates experienced as very appreciative. The feedback on the process was also positive among those applicants, who we ultimately had to reject", - Felix Held, Talent Acquisition & Recruiting, Siemens Digital Industries