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For Candidates

Supporting Global Career Development and preparing for International Jobs

For Candidates

Interpool supports globalization processes of both companies and candidates

Our customers are globally operating medium sized and multinational companies for which we are active in global recruiting, intercultural skills assessment, expatriation management, and strategic consulting in International HR Management. Our project reference up to now includes countries as diverse as China, Russia, the USA, France, India, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Eastern Europe, or the Arab World / Middle East.

With this background we highly welcome - also by means of an unsolicited application - any internationally oriented candidate turning to us for support. In addition, we strive to make our expertise in global recruitment available to our international candidate base also beyond our job specific application processes.

Doing so, we have created extensive video material on international job interviews which you can access on our video section. In addition we have put together a seven page article with "10 recommendations on what to expect and how to prepare for international job interviews".

As an international candidate, this material will help you to better recognize your own personal and cultural imprint within a classical job interview performed and analyzed from the perspective of German recruiters. If you are interested, please have a look and give us feedback afterwards. We are constantly developing more material to support international application processes, so any advise on your side on what will help you in these processes is valuable to us.