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DGFP Seminar "Global Recruitment Strategies and Tools"

DGFP Seminar "Global Recruitment Strategies and Tools"

DGFP Seminar "Global Recruitment Strategies and Tools"
DE Germany
DGFP- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung

interpool regularly organizes two-day workshops on "Global Recruitment Strategies and Tools" on behalf of the German Association for Personnel Management (DGFP), mostly taking place in Dusseldorf or Munich.

Employing a diverse methodology consisting of best practice examples and benchmarks, training sequences, and company-specific strategy facilitation, the participants develop their own concepts of global recruitment, employer branding, expatriation strategies, intercultural job interviews, and skills assessment specific to their companies.

The next seminar will take place on Dec 9th 2013 in Düsseldorf. Please register here:

"The workshop with interpool was truly varied, characterized by high levels of expertise. Through this, it became apparent again that a global recruitment without a proper cross-cultural preparation is unlikely to be successful," said Ms. Qu, International HR Manager of Schuler AG, a German world market leader in metal forming with approximately 5,200 employees and strong growth, particularly in Asia.

"I especially liked that we actually started to develop the first steps in our own global recruitment strategy during the workshop so that I progressed immediately in my work," adds Daniela Lang, Director Talent Acquisition of WITTENSTEIN AG, a medium-sized technology leader in mechatronics and drive technology with 1,600 employees worldwide.