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Intercultural Assessment Training 2016 for HR Managers

Intercultural Assessment Training 2016 for HR Managers

Monday, November 21, 2016 - 09:00

Intercultural Assessment Training 2016

How do we design Assessment und Development Centers in a context of Globalization, Diversity and the Demographic Change? How do we recognize Intercultural Competence and Innovativeness in Recruitment and Talent Management?

interpool, Germany`s leading consultancy in the field of international and intercultural aptitude testing, will be delivering a unique Assessment Training consisting of a half day training and a half day „live“ assessment process in Dusseldorf and Munich this autumn.


A group of maximum 12 observers from different companies will be trained for 4 hours on interpool’s  processes and the intercultural logic behind them. After a lunch break, a Mini-Assessment of 4 hours will be conducted in English with a group of international post-graduate students, followed by one hour of joint evaluation.

Target Group:

Recruiters, Talent Managers and Hiring Managers who wish to develop their skillset on Assessment Processes in a context of cultural diversity, complexity, innovativeness and change. Participants must be prepared for a long day (8am – 6.30h pm).


Participants will enjoy a unique intercultural assessment- and  oberservers` training, preparing them for interpool`s concepts and tools in international skills assessment. They will then be able to apply a condensed version of these tools themselves in a „live“-assessment process, and jointly evaluate their learnings thereafter.

Date, Venue, Prices:

Nov. 21st in Dusseldorf, Nov. 28th in Munich

Costs per observer:

650 Euros (+VAT) including lunch, beverages and snacks during the day. Interpool will organize the group of international post-graduate students (engineering, finance, and logistics).


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