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Intercultural Assessment Training 2016 for HR Managers

Intercultural Assessment Training 2016 for HR Managers

Wie gestalten wir Assessment und Development Center im Kontext von Globalisierung, Vielfalt und demografischem Wandel? Wie erkennen wir interkulturelle Kompetenz und Innovationskraft in Personalauswahl und Talent Management?

Düsseldorf: 21.11.2016 München: 28.11.2016

interpool, Germany`s leading consultancy in the field of international and intercultural aptitude testing, will be delivering a unique Assessment Training consisting of a half day training and a half day „live“ assessment process in Dusseldorf and Munich this autumn.


A group of maximum 12 observers from different companies will be trained for 4 hours on interpool’s  processes and the intercultural logic behind them. After a lunch break, a Mini-Assessment of 4 hours will be conducted in English with a group of international post-graduate students, followed by one hour of joint evaluation.

Target Group:

Recruiters, Talent Managers and Hiring Managers who wish to develop their skillset on Assessment Processes in a context of cultural diversity, complexity, innovativeness and change. Participants must be prepared for a long day (8am – 6.30h pm).


Participants will enjoy a unique intercultural assessment- and  oberservers` training, preparing them for interpool`s concepts and tools in international skills assessment. They will then be able to apply a condensed version of these tools themselves in a „live“-assessment process, and jointly evaluate their learnings thereafter.

Date, Venue, Prices:

Nov. 21st in Dusseldorf, Nov. 28th in Munich

Costs per observer:

650 Euros (+VAT) including lunch, beverages and snacks during the day. Interpool will organize the group of international post-graduate students (engineering, finance, and logistics).

Please register at:

interpool Personal GmbH
z. Hd. Frau Gabriela Nangia
Winsstraße 62
10405 Berlin
Tel.:*49 – (0)30 - 40 50 416 – 15