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Intercultural Interview Training India - Special for Recruiters

Intercultural Interview Training India - Special for Recruiters

Monday, January 7, 2013 - 18:00

The success of job interviews, especially in an international and intercultural setting, depends on many different things. Each interviewer is different, and the cultural imprint on what is considered to be “right” in terms of directness, eye-contact, self-praise, smile, small-talk, structure, body-language, etc. is enormous.

In order to practice our international interviewing skills we therefore conducted a “real” Job Interview with a candidate from India in January 2013, later going into an open dialogue to jointly evaluate the questions, the answers, and how the personal and cultural background of interviewer and candidate formed a specific judgement in the end.

Our candidate (technical background in engineering, 3 years of work experience) presents himself as a highly motivated and competent technical expert for the potential German employer. He understands convincing the interviewer and HR management audience last but not least through sometimes including a clever sense of humor in the interview and answers questions like “Do you like to be criticized?”, “What, if a team member wanted your job?”, “How do you reach your goals?” convincingly. See 01:39:40 live-recording here.