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Intercultural Job Interviews

Intercultural Job Interviews

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The success of job interviews, especially in an international and intercultural setting, depends on many different things. Each interviewer is different, and the cultural imprint on what is considered to be “right” in terms of directness, eye-contact, self-praise, smile, small-talk, structure, body-language, etc. is enormous.

In our practical international interview training – every first Monday evening of the month at our premises in Berlin - we conduct a “real” Job Interview with a candidate from a non-German background and later go into an open dialogue to jointly evaluate the questions, the answers, and how the personal and cultural background of interviewer and candidate formed a specific judgement in the end.

“It is a very nice, practical and down to earth way to really understand the cultural differences between interviewer and candidate in the questions and answers, and it helps a lot to reflect on your own interview style, so that you get better results next time.” says Antje Vermolen, Teamleader Recruiting at BASF Services Europe. “I will definitely be coming back”