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International Recruiting in the Middle East

International Recruiting in the Middle East

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 18:00

How will the competence "assertiveness" be expressed differently in the Arab culture compared to Germany? What is the concept of an “appropriate” self-presentation between shyness and “showing off” in Germany, and how does this notion of a "right" self-presentation differ in the Middle East? And am I, as German interviewer, open to other ways of thinking than the usual deductive-analytical, hierarchical structuring of an argument? And how should I perform an interview to obtain answers on this as valid as possible?

With these questions in mind we conducted an interview in an open intercultural training context with an applicant from Syria, who was raised in the United Arab Emirates and in Kuwait. The results - interesting for a homogeneous cultural background as well - were discussed by a mixed audience of HR managers and the interested public.