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"interpool developed and carried out an AC procedure for us that exactly matched our needs. We were particularly impressed on the one hand by the successful balance between scientific foundation and practical relevance, and on the other hand by the motivating atmosphere on the selection day, which the candidates experienced as very appreciative. The feedback on the process was also positive among those applicants, who we ultimately had to reject", - Felix Held, Talent Acquisition & Recruiting, Siemens Digital Industries


"We would like to thank Interpool for the collaboration in regards with our topic of international and intercultural assessment processes", says Alexandra Mies, Head of HR Diagnostics, Recruiting & Employer Reputation, at Deutsche Telekom group. "Our new products are now ready to be delivered in the new international context of our projects. The cooperation with interpool team was professional and insightful."

"The cooperation with interpool was of great value to us" says Beate Hoferer, Head of Sales Administration and Customer Service worldwide.  "The successful placements, the tailor-made pre-selection and the pleasant communication in the process speak for themselves. Not the least, getting the advice from an internationally experienced recruitment consultancy like interpool was very helpful for us in order to orient the job profile not only according to our goals and needs at headquarters, but also well adjusted to the particularities of the local job market."

"Thanks to Interpool", says David Gill, HUB Manager Northern Europe of SWEP International, "the project ran smoothly and effectively. The person we ended up hiring was technically skilful, a strong sales person, experienced and with an international background. Great work!"

"This was a very important and complex recruiting process for us", says Global HR-Manager Eva Martinez at Headquarters in Stuttgart. "and our expectations with regard to the ideal candidate profile were demanding. interpool met our requirements with an extraordinary level of persistence, diligence and flexibility, so that they kept presenting thoroughly preselected candidates until we had found the right one. We are more than happy with the result. Many thanks to interpool!"

And the final candidate adds: "I'd like to thank interpool very much for the outstanding support you provide to me during this process. You and your team made the difference."

"Interpool plays an important role for us," says Editha Schölermann, in charge of both national and international graduate development programs at Jungheinrich. "One of their strengths is to recruit simultaneously in two arenas: internationally focused high potentials living in their home country, but also candidates from those countries studying in Germany. At some point we once sourced candidates in four countries with interpool at the same time, but only with one contact person at one recruiting agency, that worked extremely well."

"I would like to thank interpool for the excellent support to recruit the Head of Finance and Organization for us" said Dr. Ellen Ueberschär, General Secretary of the German Protestant Association in Fulda. "We felt very well supported and thoroughly informed about the project progress at any time. interpool`s preselecting interviews with the candidates were on target and very helpful for us, as well as the consultations and exchange we enjoyed between various application rounds."

 “After having successfully completed the Kaercher recruitment process I would like to thank you all for the great support, kindness and professionalism with which you conduct your job. Nowadays it is difficult to find an international recruiting consultant like yours, equally compromised to both clients and candidates. It was a true pleasure getting to know you, and I would say so even if I had not been the hired in the end” said Jorge Carrillo, new HR Manager of Kaercher Mexiko.

“I want to render thanks to you and all your team work for your professionalism and support on this task,” says David Novoa, COO of Kaercher Mexico. “I am very happy and satisfied with your results and I have to recognize that finding the right people even if the person is living in another continent is an amazing success, possible only because of companies like yours.”

"By working with interpool we expected substantial input, some inspiration and `best practice`examples from other companies and, not least, of course, a skillfull facilitation of our internal processes." says Frank Poschen, Global Human Resources Manager of the group. "These expectations have been fully met by interpool, combined with a highly service oriented and professional way of communication."

"The workshop with interpool was truly varied, characterized by high levels of expertise. Through this, it became apparent again that a global recruitment without a proper cross-cultural preparation is unlikely to be successful," said Ms. Qu, International HR Manager of Schuler AG, a German world market leader in metal forming with approximately 5,200 employees and strong growth, particularly in Asia.

"I especially liked that we actually started to develop the first steps in our own global recruitment strategy during the workshop so that I progressed immediately in my work," adds Daniela Lang, Director Talent Acquisition of WITTENSTEIN AG, a medium-sized technology leader in mechatronics and drive technology with 1,600 employees worldwide.

"interpool is an important partner whose judgment we highly value," says Petra Nibbe, HR Manager of the Heinrich Böll Foundation. "They bring not only the psychological and assessment expertise, which is very important to us, but they also enrich our opinion-making process with their input in the selection committee and their fresh outside perspective.”

"interpool was an excellent choice", states Lisa Bell, VP Human Resources of Detroit based De-Sta-Co Group. "Not only were they very capable in translating our US American request and our ways of communicating them into a European context, they also acted in a very reliable and results-oriented way. When a successfully selected candidate withdrew just days before she was supposed to sign her contract, interpool restarted the process, and four weeks later we had identified another candidate, who turned out to be even better for our needs."

"Those were two days filled with experience in Berlin. The Intercultural Assessment Center training was very instructive for the START scholarship program, because we have a lot to learn about the composition of ACs, the right approach, and all expectations," says Afanwi Niba, Officer training program START Foundation.

“It is a very nice, practical and down to earth way to really understand the cultural differences between interviewer and candidate in the questions and answers, and it helps a lot to reflect on your own interview style, so that you get better results next time.” says Antje Vermolen, Teamleader Recruiting at BASF Services Europe. “I will definitely be coming back”

"interpool is particularly valuable to us for its variety," says Sebastian Schmökel, HR Manager at the Head Office of Peter Wolters in Germany. "Whether we are looking for a Chinese engineer in Germany, a German expat in China, or an American CEO in the U.S., they always find the suitable search approaches and are able to integrate the various channels into our targets."

"We highly value our cooperation with interpool", says the MATE´s Vice President of International Sales Jim Thomas. "They met our needs faster than our previous recruiter twice, and at a lower price. In addition, they did some out of the box thinking and they gave us good questions that we needed to ask about our business."

"A lucky catch" said the responsible Technical Director of German Meiller Group. "At first we were uncertain if such Indian candidates even existed in Europe, so we were very pleased about the cooperation with interpool."

"The project has been a very successful recruitment and a very exciting experience," says the technical director of the company. "Without interpool and the very well-designed intercultural assessment center, we would not have succeeded in perceiving the actual fit of the ultimately successful candidate."

And also one of the less successful candidates gave a positive feedback: "What impressed me most about interpool as a candidate was the absolute level of professionalism when communicating with me, interviewing, or coordinating and accompanying me through the application process. Even though I was not selected for the position in the end, I felt it was a fruitful experience." said Xu Xiaodong, a mechanical engineer from China.

"A great result accompanied by a very reasonable use of resources" this is how Uni-Assist CEO Thomas Liljeberg describes the newly adopted process. “We did not expect that the cooperation with an external consultant like interpool would make such a difference."

“The seminar was enormously helpful not only in fine-tuning our international assessment and interviewing skills”, says Annika Haug, Recruitment Section Manager of EASA, “Also with regard to our internal communication across all our different cultural and language backgrounds we learned a lot on why we like or dislike certain candidates for the skills and personality they portrayed in our relative eyes.” 

"Interpool is an HR service provider who relates excellently to the global context of our European recruitment practices. In addition they work in an extremely service oriented, competent and forthcoming manner” says Norma Ably, HR Director Europe of FARO Group.

Jörg Seliger, HR Manager EMEA for the telecommunications division Corning Cable Systems evaluates the cooperation with interpool as very positive: "For our external recruiting tasks we looked for a service provider which is flexible and responsive to our specific needs. With Interpool we are pleased to have found such a partner; they are listening and tailoring the search to our specific objectives and are particularly able to tap into the international talent pool, supporting our diversity efforts."

"It is important to have a strong partner like interpool at our side”, points out Andrea Rey, Talent Attraction Manager of Kärcher Group  “somebody who knows who we are looking for, and somebidy who can represent Karcher Group in the right fashion to our applicants: as a versatile, innovative and attractive enterprise offering great career perspectives.”

"I would like to thank the interpool team for the great support and for organizing this successful Assessment Center Process," says Head of HR Marketing of Kärcher in Germany, Udo Baumann. "Administration, concept and implementation of the entire process were perfect. We are very pleased with the result of 4 TOP candidates."

"After only ten weeks we were able to start with a very successful team, which would not have been possible without the groundwork of our professional and experienced partner agency interpool” says VP Human Resources of Alfred Kärcher Group, Rüdiger Bechstein.

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