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Practical Interview Training with a Candidate from Africa

Practical Interview Training with a Candidate from Africa

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 18:00

International Recruitment and Culture-Specific Job Interviews:

 As part of our series of intercultural trainings in the arena of Intercultural Aptitude Testing we recently interviewed a candidate from Africa (Nigeria), as always together with a group of HR Practitioners and interested international candidates. The training produced interesting results on how biography-related, competency-oriented, and scenario-based types of questions brought about different answers and understandings on the candidate`s side.

 In addition the topic of language, accent, and how to deal with communication barriers due to the use of a foreign language was discussed. See our 01:19:43 live-recording here and profit from his presentation as well as his answers and get an insight into some differences between German/Nigerian interview styles and how HR managers´ observe these.