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Psychometric Personality Tests and Online Assessments

Psychometric Personality Test

Psychometric Personality Tests and Online Assessments

Decisiveness, assertiveness, or extraversion, just to name a few key competencies, express themselves in different cultures in very different forms.

Psychometric Tests like DISC, MBTI, OPQ, Profiles, Captain, BIP, or HOGAN, to name just a few, are gaining increasing popularity both for recruitment and for talent management purposes. However, in an international environment any aptitude test must be interculturally transferable and equally valid in different countries. To put it as a question: Does the test guarantee that the results for a candidate from India or Brazil reflect the personal strengths and weaknesses with the same accuracy as they would for a participant from Germany or the United States?

The question is highly relevant, as many providers of online personality assessments produce detailed performance-oriented behavioral profiles, specifying traits like detail-oriented, conceptual, leading, decisive, entrepreneurial, or cooperative. If we do not want to automatically favor or disadvantage candidates from a specific cultural background, we need to take care that these tests are designed and applied in a culturally conscious and transferable manner.

It has been shown in a number of studies, however, that there are significant cultural differences in the results these test systems produce. But only a few of the providers, like the HOGAN Assessments, take a pro-active approach to these differences and integrate them transparently into the evaluation process. interpool is familiar with HOGAN ,as well as with most other frequently used psychometric personality tests, and we advise our clients on how to also make use of their test system of choice in an interculturally sound and non-discriminatory manner.