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Recruiting of international Trainees in Russia, Spain, and the USA

Recruiting of international Trainees in Russia, Spain, and the USA

interpool take on the recruiting of international trainees for Jungheinrich in Spain, Russia, and the USA
DE Germany
RU Russia
ES Spain
US United States
Jungheinrich AG

The Jungheinrich Group is one of the three major players worldwide in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow technology. Launched in 1953 by company founder Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich, the company still stands for a good mixture of pioneering spirit and a sense of community, which is also reflected by a high rate of internally developed TOP managers within the company.

In this respect, the company's well established national and international trainee programs are of particular importance for the recruitment of tomorrow's leaders. Interpool regularly acts as the prime partner for the recruiting and preselecting of the international candidates for those careers, recebtl in Russia, Spain, and the USA, before they are carefully assessed in specially tailored and thorough assessment centers.

"Interpool plays an important role for us," says Editha Schölermann, in charge of both national and international graduate development programs at Jungheinrich. "One of their strengths is to recruit simultaneously in two arenas: internationally focused high potentials living in their home country, but also candidates from those countries studying in Germany. At some point we once sourced candidates in four countries with interpool at the same time, but only with one contact person at one recruiting agency, that worked extremely well."