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International Career Coaching

Supporting Global Career Development and preparing for International Jobs

International Career Coaching

Preparing for an international career and global application processes

Building on our vast experience in international recruiting, we know how employers in different countries assess CVs and career paths, and how they conduct job interviews. If you wish to benefit from this background, our team of senior trainers and coaches will help you in a comprehensive Career Coaching to assess your targets for your application or for your career, and then we design a specific coaching plan for you. Please approach us individually so that we can specify the timely efforts and fees involved.

In order to support our candidates in their international application process, we have put together an  article called: 10 recommendations on what to expect and how to prepare for Job Interviews in International Companies.  Here you find a summary of our learnings with regard to culture in a job interview, especially designed for candidates. In this article we have also integrated our experience from a set of videos we produced featuring international job interviews from China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, and Syria, respectively.

The article will help you with 10 recommendations:

  1. Expect fact orientation and standardized processes
  2. Beware that recruiters will be looking for your competencies more than for your personality
  3. Try to be “to the point”: the way to think is clear, precise, and analytical
  4. Sensing the “right” time to talk
  5. Find and display your individualistic self
  6. Westerners are low-context people: Be explicit and give examples
  7. “Please describe a situation where…” – some questions may be strange
  8. Don`t be shy to ask questions yourself – hierarchy and individualism allow for it
  9. Following rules & processes: So don`t lie
  10. And still… Relationship is everything

We hope that both the article and our video material will provide useful support when applying for the next international job opportunity. Your feedback is always highly welcome”

To download the article, please click here.