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As an international recruiting agency, we accompany a number of global companies staffing their first two management levels both in Germany and beyond.

In today’s global economy, high-level candidates pursue their careers with a clearer international focus than ever before. We accomodate internationalization of our candidates’ careers with intercultural recruiting and headhunting processes, an international talent pool, worldwide social media activities, and an interculturally adjusted assessment process.

In pursuing our work, we see the skills, the personality, and the potential of each candidate as the crucial parameters of our work, as judged from the perspective of the business targets of our clients. This takes time, expertise, and diligence to assess, especially in the intercultural context of our work.

Apart from our clear focus on internationally oriented candidates and positions, we achieve this through a variety of assets:

  • HR Consulting in our international recruiting projects, meaning integrating our expertise with regard to local labor markets, remuneration questions, intercultural aspects, and even strategic aspects in the process

  • Project expertise on all major international job markets, especially in China, India, Singapore, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the UK

  • Extensive use of state-of-the-art E-recruiting and New Media in identifying, attracting, and processing candidates quickly and across the globe

  • Pre-selecting candidates based on interculturally adjusted assessment of personality and potential

  • Employing diverse methods, including telephone and skype interviews, psychometric testing, presentations and comprehensive assessment centers

  • Recruitment experience in a wide range of industries and functions worldwide, primarily in technical equipment, tools, automotive, energy, and building products, from C-level to university graduates