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Successful Recruiting in Lithuania

Successful Recruiting in Lithuania

Successful Recruiting in Lithuania
LT Lithuania
Alfred Kärcher GmbH&Co KG

The family-owned company Karcher is the worldwide leader in cleaning technology, offering a broad range of innovative products, for example: high pressure cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners, pumps for home and garden, sweepers and scrubbers, car washes, cleaners, dry ice blasting equipment, water and wastewater treatment systems, and water dispensers. More than 650 engineers and technicians are working on the construction and design of new cleaning solutions for the company, so that today approximately 87% of all products have been brought to market within the last five years only. 

The Karcher Group, having around 10,000 employees worldwide, recently opened a new subsidiary in Lithuania and faced the challenge of having to recruiting the entire management team and ten industry experienced sales and service managers at once. Interpool served as the personnel consulting agency in this endeavor, recruiting CEO and CFO of the subsidiary and carrying out the complete application management and pre-screening (by skype and telephone) for the remaining positions.

"After only ten weeks we were able to start with a very successful team, which would not have been possible without the groundwork of our professional and experienced partner agency interpool” says VP Human Resources of Alfred Kärcher Group, Rüdiger Bechstein.