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Tim Riedel's New Book Agile Recruiting

Tim Riedel's New Book Agile Recruiting

Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 12:15

Tim Riedel's New Book

“Highly structured interviews are better”! For more than 30 years this mantra has dominated research of organizational psychologists, without ever really convincing practitioners in the field. With the concept of “Agile Recruitment” we now possess a comprehensive alternative to this approach.

Tim Riedel's new book Agile Recruiting: Successful Job Interviews in times of change and innovations is designed for professionals and beginners in personnel assessment alike. It describes in vivid examples and concrete steps how to recruit in a structured and meaningful manner, while staying open-minded and flexible for the new and unexpected at the same time.


• What Agile Recruitment is and how it works.

• The User Story as requirement specification: precisely structured and yet open to new approaches.

• Relationship before Process: Interviews on equal footing in order to recognize true potential.

• Iteration as an interview technique: short learning loops instead of standardized question catalogues.

• Including numerous case studies, summaries and guidelines for implementing the model in practice.

You can order the book online here (only available in German)