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Workshop “Working with Germans” by interpool

Workshop “Working with Germans” by interpool

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 - 18:00

Living and working in Germany can be an ambiguous experience for Inpatriates from around the world. Being reliable, well structured, perhaps a little formal, straight forward, creative, individual, sometimes funny, and with a true sense for friendship once you get to know them, Germans are great to have around and to work with. But with their blunt directness, a sometimes obsessive orientation towards detail and process, personal coldness, boring food, a somewhat inflexible adherence to a plan or a decision once agreed on, and a remarkable desire to highlight the negative aspects of a situation, they are challenging to deal with at times.

 In an intercultural training by interpool precisely these areas of cultural (mis)understanding were addressed in a mixture of interactive exercises, theoretical input, and role-plays, combined with an element of entertainment. Such workshop are regularly conducted on interpool-premises in Berlin, but they can also be booked as an in-house event of minimum four hours. Participants will later be able to understand and to better appreciate the German strengths and qualities, which at the end make the people and the country successful as well as enjoyable and fun.