Agile Personnel Selection

What is meant by agile personnel selection?

With around 20 years of experience in international recruiting, one fact in particular has become clear to us: We need to rethink how we set about selecting personnel. We live in an increasingly complex world where rapid changes, uncertainty and ambiguity are the norm (a ‘VUCA world’). Agile personnel selection is the tool that we have developed to highlight the right potential candidates to our customers, even in this VUCA world. This new tool represents both a supplementary development and a great leap forward, committing to the same quality criteria as any other personnel selection process.

The most important new weightings include:

  1. The requirement profile (results-oriented as a user story)
  2. The methodology (applying a fixed structure that remains open to new developments)
  3. The evaluation process (assessment carried out directly, face-to-face, to identify true potential)

This is how we can offer a positive and modernized candidate experience. Candidates have evaluated our selection procedures as being faster, more open and flexible, and more transparent, so our clients can position themselves as attractive employers within the marketplace. Read more: Downloads